Pramerica Life RockSolid Term Insurance

For the superheroes who protect their families

  • Zero cost term insurance (with smart exit)**

  • Option to increase sum assured up to 200% of the base cover

 A Non-Linked Non-Participating Individual Pure Risk Premium Life Insurance Plan

What is RockSolid Term Insurance?

UIN: 140N079V01

Pramerica Life RockSolid Term Insurance is a tailor-made pure risk premium life insurance plan that provides protection as per your needs. It comes with a wide range of flexibilities that help you design your safety net so that you can secure your family’s financial future.

Why choose this plan

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Choose your base sum assured and death benefit payout option


Choose the policy term, premium payment term and the premium payment frequency


Choose from the optional covers available with the base cover

Optional covers

Increasing Life Cover

This option allows you to increase your sum assured by either 25% or 50% twice during the policy term, where the first increase takes place on completion of the 5th policy year and the second and final increase takes place on completion of the 10th policy year.

You have to choose the rate of increase at inception of the policy. After the last increase in Sum Assured at the completion of the 10th Policy Year, the Sum Assured stays at the same level throughout the remaining Policy Term. Increasing Life Cover shall be applicable to lives accepted as standard risk. Conversion of policy from Regular to Limited Pay shall not be allowed under Increasing Life Cover.

Life Stage Cover Enhancement

This option offers you the flexibility to increase the Base Sum Assured twice during the Policy Term on occurrence of any of the following listed life stage events and on payment of an additional premium, without undergoing any further medical underwriting. Depending on the event that has occurred, the Sum Assured can be increased by an amount equal to 25% or 50% of the Base Sum Assured, subject to a maximum increase of 100% of the Base Sum Assured but not exceeding Rs. 1 Crore.


The facility can be exercised on occurrence of any of the following events:

Event Additional Cover
Marriage (Once during the policy term, not available if already married) Min. of (50% of Base sum assured chosen at inception or ₹50 lakh)
Birth/Legal Adoption of 1st Child Min. of (25% of Base sum assured chosen at inception or ₹25 lakh)
Birth/Legal Adoption of 2nd Child Min. of (25% of Base sum assured chosen at inception or ₹25 lakh)
On purchase of house (Once during the policy term) Min. of (50% of Base sum assured chosen at inception or ₹50 lakh)

Spouse cover

This option provides add-on cover for the spouse (secondary life) which shall trigger only at the death of the Primary Life Insured. At inception, Policyholder shall have the flexibility to choose the Sum Assured for Spouse (secondary Life) between 20 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs, subject to a maximum of 50% of the Base Sum Assured chosen by the Primary Life at inception. On death of the Primary Life Insured, the death benefit as applicable shall be payable and the life cover for spouse will get triggered for the remaining policy term or till the end of policy year in which the spouse attains age of 85 years, whichever is earlier. No future premiums are to be paid by the Secondary life and on death of the Spouse (secondary life) during the remaining policy term or till attainment of age 85 (Whichever is earlier), the applicable Spouse Cover Sum Assured shall be payable.


If the Spouse (secondary Life) dies before the death of the Primary Life Insured, this benefit will not be available, as the Spouse Cover gets triggered only after the death of the Primary Life Insured.

Eligibility Criteria

Age at entry


Other than spouse cover: 18 years


For Regular pay: 65 years

For Limited Pay (5/10/15 Years): 65 years

For Pay till Age 60: 55 years

In case of Spouse cover: 21 years for both Primary Life and Secondary Life

In case of Spouse Cover: 55 years for both Primary Life and Secondary Life

Maturity age


28 years


85 years

Policy term


10 years


30 years and upto 65,70,75,80,85

Premium payment term

Regular Pay

Equal to policy term

Limited Pay

5, 10, 15, to Age 60

Single Pay

One time payment

Premium payment frequency


Semi Annual


Sum Assured (in INR)




Subject to board approved underwriting policy


Policy Brochure


Premium Rates – RockSolid Term Insurance


T&C RockSolid Term Insurance – 140N079V01

What are riders and types of riders?

Riders are additional benefits that you can choose to include with your existing insurance policy as per your needs. With RockSolid Term Insurance plan, you can enhance your insurance coverage during the policy term by adding following riders at a nominal extra cost over and above your base policy premium:

Pramerica Life Accidental Death Benefit Rider

This rider completes your circle of protection by providing additional protection against an unfortunate demise resulting from an accident.

Pramerica Life Accidental Total and Permanent Disability

This Rider can be added to your base policy to provide you with additional protection against unforeseen circumstances like total and permanent disability due to accident.

Pramerica Life Critical Illness Rider

This rider enables you to get the best treatment available and takes care of the indirect expenses while you recover from any of the listed critical illness. The customer will receive a lumpsum amount upon being diagnosed with any of the listed critical illness.

Pramerica Life Waiver of Premium Rider

This Rider protects your loved ones from the adverse effects of unforeseen events like Death, Accidental Total and Permanent Disability and Critical Illness. All future premiums of the base policy and riders premiums (if any) including modal loading and underwriting extra premium if any shall be waived off on the occurrence of covered contingency.

Benefit illustration

This is Manish

Manish a non-smoker, 35-year-old doctor, has just invested in opening a new clinic and wants to safeguard his family from financial uncertainties that could arise in case of his untimely demise. He purchases Pramerica Life RockSolid Term Insurance, for a Sum Assured of 1 Crore and chooses a policy term up to the age of 75 years and chooses to pay premium annually for the entire policy term.

illustrationing illustrationimgmob

Why choose Pramerica Life Insurance

99.06% Claim Settlement Ratio

Individual death claims settled and reported in public disclosures for FY 2023-24

137 Branches PAN India

As reported in Annual Report for FY 2023-24

Over 5.2 Million Lives Secured

As on September 2023

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Unshakeable life insurance products tailored for your needs 

Pramerica Life
Super Investment Plan
  • Benefit from Zero premium allocation charge in all years
  • Return of Mortality & Waiver of Premium Charges on survival till the end of the Policy Term
Pramerica Life
Cancer + Heart Shield
  • Covers different stages of Cancer and Heart conditions
  • Monthly Income payable as recuperation benefit to meet your needs.
  • No need to pay any premium from the date of first claim for next 3 Policy years
Pramerica Life
Rakshak Smart
  • Flexibility to choose from two plan options
  • Flexible Premium Payment Modes
  • Comprehensive death benefit in Enhanced Life Option

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**Receive Total Premiums Paid (excluding rider premiums and applicable GST) on exiting the policy before end of the policy term. Please refer to the terms and conditions for details.

This product provides Life Insurance coverage. Pramerica Life RockSolid Term Insurance UIN: 140N079V01. Goods & Services Tax will be charged over and above the quoted premium. For more details on risk factor, terms and conditions please refer to our website before concluding a sale. Tax Benefits may be available as per the applicable laws as amended from time to time. This plan offers guaranteed benefits provided the policy is in force and all due premiums are paid in full.