Community Engagements


Pramerica Life Insurance limited provides a wide range of life insurance solutions catering to various financial protection needs of individuals as well as groups. Prahri is an initiative of PLIL that was launched in 2009 to provide Life Insurance cover for all types of risks attributable to military service, including war & war like scenarios under all circumstances. PRAHRI was launched with the sole aim of providing end to end financial solutions to Defence Services personnel of our country. This was done considering that we have one of the largest armies in the world and though they are fairly covered for risks attributable to military duties through in house contributory Programme managed by AGIF, we identified certain complementing insurance plans, through our PRAHRI initiative to augment the protection and savings cover for our soldiers. This assumed further significance considering that we are the only Company amongst 23 lnsurance Companies licensed by IRDA that covers all military risks without any exceptions through a dedicated service channel.



Engagement Canvas

While during the initial few years, since our launch in 2009, we associated ourselves locally across formations, units and military establishments in the form of support to ASHA schools, job opportunities for veterans and families of serving and retiring personnel and women emancipation through FWC to name a few. However during the recent years as we grew in size and established our footprints pan India, the local level engagement continues but the focus of such activities has shifted from local level to a more organized and meaningful support which is coordinated and monitored centrally along with Army institutions. We have in the recent past partnered with AGs Branch  and Central  AWWA through formal memorandums and supported few of the following initiatives for the welfare of troops and their families:-


  • Financial support to 26 ASHA Schools pan India.

  • Financial support to Palliative Care Centre Delhi Cantt.

  • Financial support to Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre Mohali and Pune.

  • Contribution for AWWA Journal year on year.

  • Official sponsors of Special Olympics Bharat for children of ASHA schools.

  • Supporting Umang Schools through speech therapists.

  • Creation of exclusive Veer Nari Branches at Siliguri and Jalandhar in order to provide job opportunities and conducive environment to them.

  • Financial support to Cheshire Homes Delhi.


Partnering with AHQ:

  • MOU with AGs Branch for Sponsorship of Army Education Scholarship Scheme .

  • MOU with AGs Branch for ASHA SCHOOL.

  • MOU with AGs Branch for Palliative Care Center.

  • MOU with AGs Branch for upkeep of Kargil War Memorial.

  • MOU with AGs Branch for upkeep of Jammu War Memorial.

  • MOU with Central AWWA to Upkeep of “ASHA KIRAN” school at Delhi Cantt


Partnering with DGR & AWPO

We have created vast employment opportunities for veterans and their kith and kin by partnering with DGR through an MOU and had been providing free of cost reemployment training every year to pre retirees in the Regimental Centres since 2014 so as to absorb them later within our folds.  Consequent to delinking of pre retirees skilling from DGR to DIAV, we are now partnering with to DIAV to provide free of cost pan India skilling to veterans at designated hubs pan India.


Veer Nari Branch Initiative

We have also inked an MOU with AWPO formally to provide job opportunities to veterans, families and Veer Naris. Commissioning of six exclusive Veer Nari branches at Siliguri, Jalandhar, Lucknow, Delhi, Pune, Jaipur undertaken by us is a unique initiative to empower widows and veer naris. Since inception we have provided employment to more than 5000 veterans and their dependents so far and as on date we have more than 1200 (950 veterans and 250 kith & kin) working with us.