Age at Entry

5 years to 60 years 

Maturity Age

18 years to 73 years

Policy Term

13 years

Premium Payment Term

8 years | 10 years | 12 years

Annualised Premium#


Annual Mode: 25,000 p.a.

Other Modes: 30,000 p.a.


Maximum: No Limit, subject to Board approved underwriting policy

Base Sum Assured

11 X Annualised Premium#

Minimum Base Sum Assured will be: 11 X 25,000 = 2,75,000

Premium Payment Mode

Annual, Semi-annual, Quarterly and Monthly


Premium Bands   



Band 1

Band 2

Band 3

Annualised Premium#

Rs.25,000 to Rs.39,999

Rs.40,000 to Rs.99,999

Rs.1,00,000 & above


#Annualised Premium shall be the Premium payable in a Policy Year, excluding any premium towards underwriting extra, loadings for modal premium and taxes, if any