Kartike Paliwal
(Vice President - Actuarial)

Kartike's story

My Association with Pramerica Life goes back to January 2009. I joined the actuarial team as a Manager and my first assignment was to set up the processes for statutory valuation. Although years have passed, I still remember the welcome and support that I received when I had just joint.


Over the years, I have transformed into a mature and responsible professional through my experiences in various roles and the responsibilities that were given to me. I owe my professional growth to my seniors and my colleagues who have always been by my side.


My Day


My day normally starts at around 9(Thanks to HR for giving flexible timings to choose office hours as per an individuals convenience). Refreshing the mail box is the first thing I do; while the new mails are being downloaded I mark my attendance online (again a nice HR Initiative to go Hi-Tech!). Next action is to to plan for the day and finish pending activities from the previous day and look forward to the deliverable that need to be accomplished.


I, Then catch up with my team; we update each other about our activities and plan of the day. We are provided with ample space to complete our tasks at our own pace. I believe that short breaks are very important, they help you concentrate better as they help you recharge.


I end my day at around 6.30 and start preparing myself for the endless battle with traffic jams till I reach home by 7.30.


My Achievements


  • 2009 - Joined PLIL as Manager to set up processes related to statutory valuation. A chance to supervise a project for the first time
  • 2010 - Got promoted to the next level and went on a road trip from Srinagar to Leh. This was the year when I realized that it;s high time to lose some weight.
  • 2011 - Joined the planning team and got a new role. Got the chance to go Thailand on a Company sponsored trip. Decision to join the gym paid off as I lost about 18 kgs in a year.
  • 2012 - Got promoted to the next level and went for a vacation in Europe.
  • 2013 - Got an unparalleled exposure when the Company while working on a project related to change in the Company;s shareholders, got appreciation from the CEO and senior management for my contribution.