What if you had the chance to start a business that would:


  • Need no additional set up cost?

  • Run parallel to your existing business?

  • Give you a chance to generate high income?

  • Take you to international destinations?


And most importantly, give you the chance to help others. Sounds impossible?

When you join Pramerica Life Insurance, it’s all possible.

Whether you are looking at a business opportunity that you can run parallel to your existing business or at a full time engagement at PLIL, we will help you establish your Life Insurance business. Here are a few success stories that could inspire you:


Mr. Ashwini Sharma is the proprietor of Ashwini Textiles in Bhatinda. He has been in the wholesale garments business for the past 15 years and has successfully built a strong client network. He is an influential member of his community and his friends and clients often turn to him when they need advice on business, personal or financial matters. Ashwini has been an agent with Pramerica Life for the past one year. His ability to provide sound advice and influence others helps him convince his clients on the importance of life insurance and choose the right life insurance plan for their financial needs. While he continues to run his garments business successfully, he has started generating an additional income of approx. Rs. 30,000 per month through insurance sales. He will also be travelling out of the country for the first time for Pramerica Life’s International Convention.


Mrs. Monica Patel is a teacher in one of the best schools in Rajkot. After attending a recruitment seminar conducted by us, she realized that she can use her skills as a teacher to sell life Insurance. Her empathetic attitude combined with her ability to simplify complex concepts and make them comprehensible, has helped many people to take important financial decisions including purchase of life insurance. What’s more - as an agent, Monica can continue to teach. She has been with Pramerica Life for the past 10 years and is one of our star agents. She has built a network of clients who trust and love Monica “madam” for her sound financial advice. Monica may retire from teaching but she knows that her income will continue with her earnings from life insurance sales.


Mr. Rajesh Rastogi was a General Manager for a private bank. He returned to his home town, Lucknow after his retirement and was looking for an opportunity as a life insurance agent to keep himself active and busy. He met several Sales Managers from various life insurance companies but decided to join Pramerica Life because he was impressed by the team’s insurance knowledge, their interest in helping an agent succeed and the earning potential demonstrated. He has been with Pramerica Life for the past 5 years and has influenced many others to join our company. He successfully uses his past experience as a banker and his knowledge of life insurance that he has gathered over the years to give valuable financial advice and the right life insurance solutions to his customers. With a post retirement earning of over Rs. 2 lacs per month through insurance sales, Rajesh has successfully upgraded his lifestyle and lives a very comfortable life in his golden years.