Key Features


Flexibility: Choose a Premium Payment Term – Policy Term combination to suit your savings need.


Protection against unfortunate events: Get life cover during the policy term to secure your family when you are not around


Guaranteed Protection: No ambiguity, no surprises. Guaranteed Benefits on Death or Maturity


Guaranteed Income – Get guaranteed Annual payouts during the Payout Period after completion of Policy Term


Savings Booster – Receive between 0.16 to 6 times* of your Annualised Premium at the end of the Payout Period for your legacy planning


Higher benefits

  • Get the benefit of a bigger Savings Booster as you pay higher premium
  • High Savings Booster for Female lives


Tax Benefits: Avail tax benefits on the premiums paid and on benefits received as per applicable income tax laws


*Savings Booster Multiple depends on age at entry, gender, premium payment term and premium band.