Age at Entry^

Minimum: 18 Years

Maximum:    For Policy Term 7 Years:                                   50 Years

                       For Policy Term 10 Years:                                 55 Years*

                       For Policy Term 12 Years:                                 50 Years

                       For Policy Term 15 Years:                                 50 Years

                       For Policy Term 20 Years:                                 45 Years

Maturity Age^

65 Years

Policy Term

7 years, 10 years, 12 years, 15 Years or 20 Years

Premium Payment Term

Policy Term                    Premium Payment Term

7 years                               Regular Pay

10 years                             Single Pay, 5 Pay or Regular Pay

12 years                             Regular Pay

15 years                             Single Pay, 7 Pay or 12 Pay

20 Years                             Single Pay or 10 Pay

Base Sum Assured

Minimum: Rs. 5,00,000

Maximum: Rs. 50 Crores, subject to underwriting as per Board approved underwriting policy

Premium Payment Mode

Single, Annual and Monthly 

Minimum Annual Premium


For Level Benefit

For Reducing Benefit

Limited Pay



Regular Pay



Single Pay





^Age as on last birthday

Substandard lives may also be covered subject to Company’s Board Approved Underwriting Policy and with an extra Premium, if applicable

*For 10 Policy term with Regular Pay option the Maximum Entry Age is 50 years.

Goods and Services tax, if any, will be charged over and above the quoted Premium.


Premium Discounts/Rebates

The Company will offer a Premium discount on the first policy year equivalent to first year commission as mentioned in the below table, for policies sold to its employees and employees of the DHFL group companies and its subsidiaries.


Premium Payment Term Discount Offered
1 2%
5 12.5%
7 17.5%
10 25%
12 35%


For Policies bought online, directly by prospective Policyholders following discount would be provided on each premium paid.


Limited Pay Option 2.75%
Regular Pay Option 3.60%
Single Pay Option 1.00%