• What is a Claim?

    A claim is the payment made by the insurer to the life insured or claimant on the occurrence of the event specified in the contract, in return for the premiums paid for the insured event.

  • How do I notify a Claim?

    We provide four convenient ways of intimation:

    • Walk into any of our Pramerica Life branches
    • Notify us online at www.pramericalife.in
    • Write to us at claims@pramericalife.in
    • You may call also call us at Tel No. 1860-500-7070 (Local Charges Apply).
  • How do I register a Claim?

    To register a Claim, list of below mentioned mandatory documents should be submitted by Claimant at the branch in Original:

    Claimant should also carry Original of the following documents which needs to be sighted by Branch Operations Executive and a copy thereof to be Self Attested by Claimant and (OSV) Original Seen and Verified by Branch Operations Executive along with Employee ID

    • Completely filled Claim Form
    • Original Policy Bond
    • Recent photograph of Nominee (if photo not available, Branch Ops to take photo from mobile and upload)
      • Death Certificate
      • Nominee Identification Proof establishing relationship with deceased LA
      • Proof of Bank Account: Original Cancelled cheque with pre printed name of account holder OR Original Bank statement OR Bank attested and stamped copy of Bank Passbook/ Bank statement OR Letter signed and stamped by Bank certifying all account details
  • Which documents do I need to submit to file a Claim?

    Mandatory documents of Life Insured:

    • Completely filled Death Claim Form
    • Death Certificate (A)
    • Original Policy Document

    In case of Accidental Death

    • FIR (A)
    • Post-Mortem Report (A)

    Mandatory documents of Nominee:

    • Photo Identification Proof, Address Proof and Relationship Proof with LA (A)
    • Original Cancelled Cheque bearing name OR
    • Photocopy of Passbook or Bank Statement (Bank Attested/ OSV by PLIL Branch Operations) (not more than 3 months old)

    Additional documents that could help process Claims faster:

    For Non-Accidental Death Claim

    • Last Medical Attendant’s Report
    • Hospital treatment records (A)
      • Admission note, Discharge/ Death Certificate summary from Hospital/Nursing Home / Clinic etc.
      • All records from date of admission till date of death
    • Hospital Authority Letter
    • Cremation Certificate

    For Accidental Death Claim

    • Newspaper cuttings (A)
    • Police Inquest Report / Panchnama
    • Final Police Investigation Report

    For Critical Illness Claim

    • Critical Illness Claim Form
    • All past and current Discharge Summary
    • All past and current medical/ hospital records – consultation notes, admission notes & test reports

    For Salaried:

    • Employer Leave records for last year

    * (A) - Attestation - documents OSVed by a PLIL Branch Operations

    In addition to the above listed documents, Pramerica Life Insurance Limited reserves the right to call for any additional documents. Submission of claim form/ any other documents should not be construed as acceptance of the claim.

  • I have lost my policy bond. What should I do?

    Please provide an indemnity bond on a 100 Rs. non-judicial stamp paper, signed by the claimant. The indemnity bond format is available with the branches

  • The nominee is not alive. What should I do?

    Please provide a copy of the legal heir certificate for us to process the claim

  • Where can I get the Claim form?

    • Download from Claims section of the website
    • Visit the nearest Pramerica Life branch
    • Talk to your Pramerica Life Insurance representative
  • Where should I submit my Claim documents?

    You can submit the claim-related documents to us at any of our Pramerica Life branches. You may find list of branches in the Locate Us section of our website

  • Why is it essential to submit all the records / documents as required by the Company?

    Claims are examined and settled by the company basis information present in the documents submitted by you. Hence, it is advisable to provide complete information and all documentation to us for faster and smoother claims processing.

  • Will I need to submit additional documents?

    In addition to the listed documents, we may call for additional documents if a need arises

  • How will I be informed of my Claim decision?

    You will receive a letter from us on your communication address as soon as we decide on the claim

  • How can I check the current status of my Claim?

    For any assistance or query relating to claims, please get in touch with us at:

    • Dedicated claims helpdesk: 0124-4697072 Operational Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM (Monday - Friday)
    • Tel Number : 1860-500-7070 (Local Charges Apply) Operational Hours: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM (Monday - Saturday)
    • Mail us at claims@pramericalife.in
  • Who is entitled to receive the Claim benefit?

    • The nominee or appointee (in case of minor nominee) last recorded under the policy in case of a policy on own life
    • The proposer in case the policy is not on own life
    • Assignee in case the policy was assigned
  • How will the claimant receive the Claim payout?

    As per IRDAI circular no. IRDA/F&A/CIR/GLD/056/02/2014 dated February 13, 2014, all payouts made to customers need to be in the electronic form. Hence, we will disburse claim payments through NEFT

  • What are the timelines to settle a Claim?

    Claim Settlement purely depends on the submission of complete documents as required by the company. At Pramerica Life Insurance we endeavour to settle a claim in 30 days from the date of receipt of last pending document. In case Company decides to investigate case further, time for settlement gets extended.

  • What are IRDA guidelines pertaining to Claim processing?

    As per IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India), the insurance company is required to settle a claim within 30 days of receipt of all requirements. However, if the claim warrants further verification, the Company should complete its procedures within 120 days from receipt of written intimation of the claim. If the Company settles the claim beyond 120 days period, interest is payable by the Company on the claim amount. The interest is payable only where the claimant has submitted all the requirements. Further, rate and period of interest are decided as per IRDAI guidelines.

  • How does a Claimant communicate his/ her dissatisfaction with regards to his Claim Decision?

    For any clarification, complaint or dissatisfaction claimant / nominee can contact Grievance Redressal Procedure Customer Service Help Line: 1860-500-7070 (Local charges apply) (9:30 AM to 6:30 PM from Monday to Saturday)

    Email: contactus@pramericalife.in

    Website: https://pramericalife.in/ContactUs

    Communication Address:

    Customer Service,

    Pramerica Life Insurance Limited,

    4th Floor, Building No. 9 B, Cyber City,

    DLF City Phase III, Gurgaon - 122002