Starting Out

25 years to 35 years

You’re a new parent! The responsibility of a new life can be overwhelming. Your world is now dominated by a new order of nappy changes, visits to the doctor and sleepless nights. While your immediate expenses have increased your need to plan your finances prudently have also become paramount.
  • Wealth creation for:
    • Short term savings needs – Bigger Car, house etc.
    • Long term savings needs
  • Child’s school education


Our recommended plans:

Middle Years

35 years to 45 years

Your children are growing up. Your life revolves around their routine. Your focus is on giving your children a quality life and education so that they get a sound foundation for starting out in the world.

And this is the right time to change your financial plan:

  • Child’s higher education
  • Retirement Planning


Our recommended plans:

Getting Ready To Retire

45 years to 55 years

The children are getting independent and ready to leave the roost. While retirement may still seem like that very far off “one day” when the two of you will finally have time it’s much closer than you think.

Structure your financial plan to take care of:

  • Retirement planning
  • Saving for your child’s marriage or as a starter for his/her new life
  • Plan for medical expenses


Our recommended plans: