Starting Out

25 years to 35 years

Life is exciting and hectic! You’re just starting a “new partnership” and are discovering the joys of setting up a first home together, getting to know his/her family and friends while at the same time focusing on a career.


You financial plan should take care of:

  • Pure Protection for life
  • Wealth creation for:
    • Short term savings needs – Car, house etc.
    • Long term savings needs


Our recommended plans:

Middle Years

35 years to 45 years

Your spouse and you are gradually reaping the benefits of your hard work in your career, most of your spare time is devoted to each other, your friends and extended family members. The two of you are finally getting the chance to pursue new hobbies and travel the world.

And this is the right time to change your financial plan:

  • Wealth creation for:
    • Short term savings such as a new car, holidays etc.
    • Long term savings needs
  • Start planning for retirement
  • Pure protection for life + health


Our recommended plans:

Getting Ready To Retire

45 years to 55 years

Retirement may seem that very far off “one day” when you will finally have all the time to yourself to pursue your interests and live a life of leisure. It’s much closer than you think.

Structure your financial plan to take care of:

  • Retirement planning
  • Plan for medical needs
  • Legacy Planning


Our recommended plans: