Write up on Retirement: 


Meet Mr. Sada-Anand A retired person who is always happy!  He has enough money for his monthly expenses, long vacations with his wife, to buy gifts for his grand children and all the other indulgences for which he never had time while he was working.


If you too would like to be like Mr. Sada Anand, here are a few simple steps to plan your retirement:


Start Early:


The earlier you start the better it is. One mistake people make is to defer retirement planning till very late


Stay Focused:


The key to retirement planning is to keep it separate from short- and medium-term goals such as buying a house or children's education. Be clear that the corpus you are building is to be used only after you stop earning.


Choose the Right Asset Mix:

Based on your risk appetite decide how much of your fund should get into equity and how much should get into debt.  Review the same every year.




It’s a tip that is true for any investment in general and retirement is no different.  Investing everything in debt might also not be a good option as it will never help you to beat inflation. Our ULIP plans help you build on that diversification.


Keep an Eye on Inflation:


Retirement planning is incomplete if you don’t factor in inflation.  If a 30 year old spends even Rs. 20,000 every year he would need 1, 14, 869 every month when he turns 60 considering only 6% inflation.