Death Benefit

On unfortunate demise of the life insured during the Policy term, subject to Policy being in-force, Death Sum Assured along with accrued Reversionary Bonus and Final Bonus, if any, will be payable to your nominee or legal heir as the case may be.


Where Death Sum assured is:

i. For age at entry less than 45 years

   Highest of 10 times the Annualized Premium (Or) 100% of base sum assured


ii. For age at entry 45 years and higher

    Highest of 7 times the Annualized Premium (Or) 100% of base sum assured

However, the death sum assured together with bonuses shall be at least equal to 105% multiplied by total premiums paid* till date of death.

The Annualized premium shall be the premium amount payable in a year chosen by the policyholder, excluding the taxes, rider premiums, underwriting extra premiums and loadings for modal premiums, if any

*Premium paid for this purpose is premium exclusive of any underwriting extras, if any


Maturity Benefit

At maturity of the Policy, the policyholder will receive a maturity benefit equal to 100% of Base Sum Assured chosen at inception PLUS Accrued Reversionary Bonus PLUS Final Bonus if any, subject to Policy being in force.


Prepone your Maturity Benefit

To meet your needs at different stages of your life, you have the option to prepone your Maturity Benefit during the Flexi Benefit period. During this period, you will be eligible to get the full benefits due in the policy which will be equivalent to 100% of Base Sum Assured PLUS Accrued Reversionary Bonus PLUS Final Bonus, if any. The bonuses would be accured till the date the policy has remained in-force with the Company. Further there would be no discounting factors applicable during the Flexi Benefit period for surrender and reduced Paid-UP.


The Flexi Benefit Period varies by Policy Term and is as follows:


Policy Term (Years) Flexi Benefit Period


Anytime between 10 and 15 Years


Anytime between 15 and 25 Years


Anytime between 20 and 35 Years


Guaranteed Loyalty Benefit

10% of Annualised Premium is given as Guaranteed Loyalty Benefit each year at the start of the policy year from the beginning of the 2nd policy year for the rest of the Premium Payment Term only. The Premium Payment Term is equal to 5, 10 and 15 years as the case may be (provided the policy is in-force).


What are the Bonuses payable in this policy?

This is a participating plan that has Compound Reversionary Bonuses. In addition to this, Final Bonus may also be paid, subject to policy being in-force. The bonuses are not guaranteed and depend upon the performance of the relevant participating fund.