• Composite solution to cater to the requirements of Gratuity, Leave Encashment and Post-Retirement Medical Benefits payable to the employees as per scheme rules
  • Guaranteed Minimum Floor Rate of 2% p.a. for the entire policy term accumulating on the balance of the Scheme Account
  • Additional Interest Rate declared at the beginning of every quarter
  • The interest rate of Pramerica Life Group Traditional Employee Benefit Plan for Q1 FY 25 Apr 2024- Jun 2024 is 7.35% p.a.
  • Professionally managed fund with high service levels




  • The benefits are payable on various events viz. Resignation, Death, Retirement, Disability, Termination or Sickness as per scheme rules
  • The benefit amount as per scheme rules will be paid from the Scheme Account
  • In case of death, we will additionally pay the sum assured of Rs.5,000 as death benefit
  • At all times the amount of scheme benefit will be limited to the availability of funds in the scheme account value





Entry Age

(Last Birthday)

Higher of

  • 18 years
  • Minimum age as per scheme rules

Lower of

  • 79 years
  • Maximum age as per scheme rules

Maturity Age

(Last Birthday)

Not Applicable

Lower of

  • 80 years
  • Maximum retirement age as per scheme rules

Group Size

10 members

No Limit

Initial Contribution

(Per scheme)

Rs. 50,000

No Limit

Sum Assured

(per member)

Rs. 5,000

Rs. 5,000



  • The Company will maintain a pooled fund at Master Policy level. The pooled fund maintained for every scheme is referred to as Scheme Account. The Scheme Account Value will be calculated by crediting all contributions received & interest credited less all applicable charges and withdrawals, as per scheme rules.
  • Scheme Benefit: As per the scheme rules, the benefit on various events (like resignation, death, retirement, disability, termination or sickness) will be paid from the respective Scheme Account as per scheme rules
  • Insurance Benefit: The flat life cover of Rs. 5,000 will be provided to each member under the scheme on yearly renewable basis. If the Master Policyholder wants higher risk cover, the same may be arranged through a separate one year renewable Group Scheme of the Company open for sale from time to time
  • Contribution: The contribution with respect to defined benefit group fund based schemes shall be made in accordance with the Actuary’s certificate as per AS 15 (Revised), as amended from time to time, obtained by the employer. In case the Scheme Account Value is overfunded as per such certificate, the Company may allow “nil contribution” under the schemes until further contribution is required. In all such cases of nil contribution, the scheme shall not be treated as discontinued. No top up is allowed under defined benefit schemes, unless required as per Actuary’s certificate in accordance with the AS 15 (Revised), as amended from time to time, to address the underfunding of the schemes.