Why should you take this plan?

  • It is a perfect solution to cover you against the financial impact of COVID-19 and recovery process
  • As a part of overall benefits package for your group
  • Covers both Employer-Employee & Affinity groups


How this plan fulfils your Requirement?

  • One Year Renewable Term: This is a Fixed Benefit Group Health Plan which is renewable on yearly basis

  • Simplified Procedures: Procedures are hassle free and less cumbersome. Insurance cover can be availed by all eligible members of the scheme with one policy document issued to the Master Policyholder

  • Option to cover Family Members: Group members can choose to avail additional cover for their Family Members under the existing Master Policy

  • Fixed Benefit Payout: The plan gives a fixed lump sum payout irrespective of the treatment cost 

  • Flexibility: Choose from 4 coverage options as per the need



Age at entry

Child: 91 days- 17 years as on last birthday

Adult: 18 years- 65 years as on last birthday

Policy Term

1 Year Renewable Group product

Group Size

Minimum - 7 , no upper limit

Sum Assured





Premium (Excl. GST)





Premium Payment Modes 

Annual, Semi-annual & Quarterly




  • Flexible Sum Insured options as per the need of the insured member.

  • Option to cover Family members.

  • No Individual medical underwriting.

  • One Master policy covers the entire group providing administrative convenience.

  • Tax benefits as applicable.

  • Waiting period of 15 days from the date of commencement of membership.

Plan Benefits:

This is a Traditional Fixed Benefit One Year Renewable Group Health product. The product provides 100% of the Sum Insured as a lump sum on diagnosis of COVID-19, requiring in-patient hospitalization and on meeting all of the following basic conditions:

  • The lab Diagnosis must have been performed after the completion of the initial waiting period of 15 days.

  • The diagnosis of COVID-19 should be through any authorized centers of ICMR, Pune or from any other Govt. authorized center or designated laboratory in India, appointed for testing of COVID-19.

  • The Diagnosis must be confirmed by only those specific test(s) as defined by government authorities.

During each policy year, a maximum of 1 claim per life per illness shall be payable i.e. benefit is not payable for relapse of the illness (or for any other reason) within a policy year. No benefit can be carried forward to the next policy year.

No benefit will be payable in any of the following:

  • If there is no In-patient Hospitalization irrespective of whether quarantined or not.

  • For any Illness, sickness or disease other than Coronavirus


  • If the insured member has been quarantined for suspected Coronavirus (COVID-19) or diagnosed or contracted the disease prior to Coverage Commencement Date or within the initial Waiting Period of 15 days from the date of commencement or revival of the insurance cover under a Master Policy, whichever is later.

  • Diagnosis and Treatment outside India.

  • There is no maturity benefit payable under this product.