Age at entry##




18 Years - For policy terms=12 Years, 15 Years, and 18 Years
53 Years - For policy terms=12 Years

50 Years - For policy terms=15 Years

47 Years - For policy terms=18 Years

Maximum Maturity Age##

65 Years

Policy Term

12 Years, 15 Years and 18 Years

Premium Paying Term

Policy Term         Premium Payment Term

12 Years              7 Years

15 Years              10 Years

18 Years              10 Years

Premium Paying Mode

Yearly, Half-Yearly and Monthly

Minimum Annual Premium

12,170 (Yearly)
6,329 (Semi Annual)
1,096 (Monthly)

Maximum Annual Premium

Depends on the chosen base Sum Assured, age at entry and policy term

Minimum Base Sum Assured

Rs 75,000/-

Maximum Base Sum Assured

Rs 5 Crores subject to underwriting

##Age as on last birthday

*Monthly mode of Premium payment is available only through credit card, direct debit and ECS. 

Substandard lives may also be covered subject to Board Approved Underwriting Policy and with any extra Premium, if applicable.

Goods and Services Tax will be charged over and above the quoted Premium.